Advantages of Laravel over other PHP frameworks

11 May 2022

Advantages of Laravel over other PHP frameworks

The advent of Laravel Development services gave a new meaning to PHP altogether. Though PHP was a dynamic language from before yet it became more powerful after the arrival of Laravel. With the prime aim of preventing the faults in coding and security in the development process, this framework has given a boost to Laravel developers to build perfectly working CMS or E-commerce web applications. There are some amazing benefits of Laravel because of which the Laravel application development companies prefer it over other PHP frameworks.

1. Easy for beginners
Laravel offers great ease of understanding. Just through basic knowledge of PHP, you can easily create a 5-page website in just a few hours. Thus it becomes simple for the Laravel developers to comprehend and get command over this framework soon.

2. Modular and MVC architecture
Laravel framework is built on 20 libraries which allow the Laravel web developers to build responsive, modular and dynamic web apps, through a convenient development process. Another reason why a Laravel application development company chooses Laravel over other frameworks is because of its MVC architecture which provides clarity between logic and presentation. It also helps in improving performance and documentation.

3. Migration system for databases
Migration in Laravel paves a way to develop the database structure of the application without recreating it, whenever changes are made. This helps in reducing data loss. With Schema builder, the Laravel developers can create database tables and indices quickly.

4. Caching
Caching is one of the amazing benefits of the Laravel framework. With the caching system of Laravel, you can perform simple caching tasks like storing objects in a file or database. Laravel also give the opportunity to integrate the web framework with a robust caching system as per your choice.

5. Provides for easy testing
Laravel is known amongst the Laravel development company in USA for its stable releases and fewer failures. It facilitates unit testing to ensure that the new changes do not break the system. Laravel runs multiple tests to ensure the stability of the application.

6. Community support
Development can be quite tedious and painful sometimes. In such situations, the guidance of someone who has already gone through this pain and knows well how to get rid of it can be extremely helpful. Laravel has vast community support to lend you a helping hand. If any bugs or security breach is reported in the framework you can expect a quick repose from the community.

7. Efficient from security point of view
Laravel’s ORM uses PDO which prevents SQL injections. Only by using the proper components of the framework you can make use of some of the essential things to make your application secure and prevent Cross-site request forgery, Cross-site scripting etc.