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Optimize your website easily

Our client work supports many client across the globe. We have skills in the latest internet technologies to provide best-in-class website solutions. Our deep expertise in internet tools and technologies enables our talented designers and developers to deliver award winning solutions utilizing the most advanced web frameworks and architectures available

Email Marketing

rect_img_greyTargeted to any demographic desired, our eMail campaigns include all creative and HTML development, demographic selection assistance, send list development, sending/tracking/reporting for all campaigns and ongoing refinement based on success ratios.

SMS Marketing

rect_img_grey SMS delivery to all DND * non-DND numbers,Text containing transaction,product,service etc, Short codes, Toll Free nos,Sender Id disclosed

WhatsApp Marketing

rect_img_greyWhatsApp marketing is a good tool to promote your new products or discount offers. You can send detail information about a product to individuals or targeted groups. You can share digital pictures of a product or video. This supports many formats Text, Image, Audio, Video, Vcards and location.

rect_img_greyThe fact that YouTube is one of the most popular websites over the Internet is common knowledge. While uploading videos on YouTube is very simple, managing several of your company’s videos on YouTube requires skill, expertise, and experience. All of which, Celest Technologies can offer you. Furthermore, we will also help you monetize your YouTube Channel, ensure well-searched and targeted content, that is easy to consume and retain. Our YouTube Channel management services include professionally edited AV content, metadata, keywords, tagging, playlist management, and an eye-catching channel artwork, all designed to bring you desired eyeballs.

rect_img_greyCelest Technologies provides local customization and marketing tools for dispersed
groups such as franchisees and agents across a national/international market.
SEO aims at promoting websites based on the natural search engine results as opposed to sponsored links. SEO will keep your website appearing on the search result pages for an indefinite length of time.


We provide wide range of Security & Surveillance CCTV Camera Solutions depending on clients needs.
In new age companies and organizations of the 21st century have become more conscious about their security and as a result surveillance systems have gained huge importance. Surveillance is the monitoring of behaviour and it includes simple methods such as direct observation, observation with binoculars, cameras.

Many organizations today want to shore up the safety and security of their employees, visitors and students as well as their premises and assets, hence seek for innovative, affordable alternatives that deliver rapid and appropriate responses to crimes or Security threats. Government, institutions and enterprises of all sizes are realizing an urgent need to visually monitor all the activities. Real-time video surveillance systems based on latest technologies are proving to be one of the most effective methods of addressing a wide range of security challenges in both the public and private sectors.