Artificial Intelligence is the backbone of human life

19 Aug 2022

Artificial Intelligence is the backbone of human life

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most advanced technologies. It refers to the human-made machine intelligence, which is innovated for making our daily tasks easy. you can describe Artificial Intelligence as a machine doing human brain work.

You can see Artificial Intelligence technology everywhere. The most well-known example of Artificial Intelligence is Google assistance on your phone, Alexa and Siri. However, these examples are just a part of it; Artificial Intelligence is more than that.

What do we mean by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a technology to program a machine for performing human intelligence things like thinking, learning, decision making, communicating, problem-solving, perceiving, and then act according to the physical world.

If we think about machines responding to our speech, direction, and other visual or audio commands. Then the first thing that might strike your mind is Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and others. You are absolutely right in this sense, but Artificial intelligence does not restrict to that only.

Contribution of Artificial Intelligence in businesses

Artificial Intelligence is a very advanced technology that is widely used in businesses. This technology has a huge impact on various businesses. AI makes the functioning of businesses easier than before in different aspects. A few of them are as follows:

  • AI helps in reducing human-made errors. As artificial intelligence consists of various algorithms and programs. Thus, it reduces the possible human errors and adds accuracy and precision to any business tasks.
  • Humans work for certain hours in a day. But Artificial intelligence is a technology that can work for 24X7 hours. So, the capability of AI to function is higher than the human capacity to work.
  • Artificial intelligence technology makes machines quicker for decision making. Humans take time in making decisions while AI technology minimizes the decision-making time based on the programming.
  • AI technology has contributed a lot to the medical industry. It helps doctors to analyze their patient’s health risk through AI-based applications. Now, medical professionals are getting training for using AI technology in surgery too.
  • Cybersecurity is one of the important security systems in this digital age. AI technology can be used to improve cyber security and help in protecting us from fraud and cyber-threats.

Where we see AI technology in the future

Humans mostly have a fascination for advanced technology. They want to make their easy with the improved technology and that is what this new AI technology is doing to us. If we talk about what AI technology can do in the future. Then, there is a chance that we miss out on a few things, which we can possibly see in our future.

There is a high possibility that we might see AI-based robots doing things that we cannot even assume. Artificial intelligence technology, if used in the right way can do wonders. In the future, you might see robots doing surgeries in hospitals, flying planes.


Artificial intelligence is one of the smart technologies that surround us. It helps us to save our time and do our work quickly. From solving calculations, finding answers to your question about operating the machines on their own. Artificial intelligence has contributed to most of the industries.

However, there is still a huge scope in the advancement of AI technology. There are many advantages of AI technology while it has some demerits too. You just need to identify your requirement and apply the best suited AI technology in your business.

There are many people who think that AI technology is only used by big companies. But the AI technology can be used in small businesses also, which depends on the requirement of the firm. Hence, we can say that AI technology is everywhere, from your smartphone to the big industrial machines.

You just need to understand the need and use it wisely!