Our Comprehensive Process Of Website Development

3 Feb 2021

Our Comprehensive Process of Website Development

We, at Celest Technologies, believe that an exhaustive process is the first step towards success. This is especially the case with website development, a task where various integrated activities have to come together to generate impeccable results. Our Process of Website Development is broken down into 5 integrated yet individually important phases. Following is a brief description of each one of them:

PHASE 01: Project Planning and Analysis

This is one of the most critical tasks that we perform during the process of website development. This is the phase where we spend some valuable time with the client to gain a precise understanding of the requirement. Once that task has been performed, we Celest technologiesas a team and come up with certain plausible ideas. This phase not just kick starts the process; it also establishes the platform for the development of a masterpiece.

PHASE 02: Website Design and Development

Now that we have come up with some ideas and shortlisted a few, we start planning the web strategy and the way in which we want the design to look. Obviously, this has to be done while keeping the target audience at the forefront. The coding and development is also performed during this phase.

PHASE 03: Website Features and Functionalities

We now reach that phase of the project where we are clear of what we want to achieve, and have started some work on it already. Now, we develop professional and visual design framework, and implement the website features.

PHASE 04: Quality Assurance

We, at WeblineIndia, have established clear Process of Website Development for evaluating and controlling the quality of all projects that we undertake. Therefore, our work is continuously checked for quality; however, it is this phase when the entire project is formally evaluated. We want to ensure that everything is as per the needs of the customers.

PHASE 05: Final Delivery of the Project

This is the most exciting time of the project. We exhibit our final work to the client, and upload the same if it is approved. Moreover, we might be required to perform some tweaks or revisions to make it more suitable to the client.

This way, we make sure that dexterity is exercised at each and every stage of the Process of Website Development.