Welcome to Kidz Orbit. Here we bring you videos based on the very best of Indian classical literature – stories that have stood the test of time.

Children from 6 to 90 of age can watch videos based on immortal plays, epics & mythology. Here at Kidz Orbit you will enjoy tales of god and goddesses, demon and sages, princes and princesses – who are a part of India’s historical inheritance and acquaint us with our roots.

Get inspired from by the Brave hearts responsible for India’s independence, Watch videos of stirring stories of courage and sacrifice. Learn about the men and women who gave up everything to protect the land they called home and the people they called their own.

Kidz Orbit also has videos on visionaries; these are stories of thinkers, social reformers and nation builders who lit the path for others to tread upon.

Kidz Orbit is the place to surf for a limitless treasure chest of videos based on Indian folktales and fables, videos that are a selection of all that is wise, entertaining, though-provoking and plain funny!