Celest Technologies LLP was established in the year 2012 to provide IT-enabled business solutions to Enterprises to help them streamline administration, improve operational efficiency, enhance productivity, effectively combat competition, enlarge market share and facilitate overall growth. Despite modest beginnings, Celest Technologies LLP has registered commendable growth within a short span of time. This was possible because of the values we steadfastly practice, the business ethics we scrupulously follow and our dedication and untiring efforts. We evolve and put in place appropriate business solutions to achieve optimal internal efficiency in all the departments Human Resources, Sales, Procurement, Supply Chain, Accounts/Finance, Marketing, Inventory Control and Project Management. We also offer turnkey solutions to clients, wherever necessary backed up by total support.

Meet Our Team


Abhishek Patankar

Chief Technology Officer

A strategic community leader recognized for sweeping improvementsto efficiency,product development and marketing .He has an illustrious career working with various clients acrros the globe for 10+ years. Expertise in conceptualizing and creating revenue oportunities for our company.


Dinesh K

Board Advisor

A self-motivated Digital Analyst, Digital Producer with more than 10 years of experience in digital analysis, pmarketing analysis, and business development. Analytic, solutions driven and extremely innovative with previous responsibility for high end costing projects. Excellent administrative and product acquisition skills.


Sudhir Bagul

Creative Director

A partner for digital content management. Has successfully driven millions users+ traffic for in Digital content online




Make a wish, and we will take care of it! With our Advanced knowledge and web/apps related technology Choose our products/services without any hassels. We are flexible to accomodate each & every client's request.

Super Support

We care not only to create quality themes, but as well make sure our customers succeed to setup a fantastic website/apps no matter whether being a professional or an amateur user. This is why we are keep to providing you with the most helpful support and assistance. Besides, this, we supply all our products/services with the most detailed documentation, so that precisely any possible question you may encounter is thoroughly covered and explained.

Tools Builder

Powerful Builder tools for various different products & services lets you create a really interactive website/apps easily. With this Builder you can make not only great UI's  but as well wonderful questionnaires and polls to involve your website visitors into a discussion and collect the data you need.

Web/Apps Development 95%
Digital Content Management 77%
Email Marketing 83%
Design 65%
SEO 88%